• Wooddy Virtual Reality headset

    Handcrafted wooden virtual reality headset that expresses yourself

  • World is yours.Explore it.

    Personal - name, quote of your choice, a logo can be laser engraved to make Wooddy truly yours
    Durable - high quality materials are precisely laser cut and hand crafted for your satisfaction
    Universal - almost any smartphone fits in Wooddy and allow for immersive VR and 3D experience
    Light - Wooddy is one of the lightest headsets on the market just slightly heavier than a smartphone
    Comfortable - adjustable strap allow for hands-free experience, additional foam keeps your smartphone steady
    Eco-friendly - Wooddy headsets are made of Polish wood and smell like a forest

  • Wooddy is great for many occassions


    Unforgettable gift or souvenir

    Memories can live more in virtual reality

    Way to learn that children love

    Virtual reality brings fun to education making it more effective

    Way to relax like never before

    Virtual reality brings you into the best places, including full panorama vision, sound and even scent

    New dimension for entertainment

    3D movies are just the beginning, you can fully immerse in the world of virtual reality entertainment

  • How it works?

    Wooddy headsets are strong, mobile and work with almost any phone

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    Warsaw map (30x40cm)
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    Warsaw map(50*70cm)
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    Wooddy VR headset
    $15.00 - $18.00
    Everyday accessory that allows you to explore new worlds of Virtual Reality and express yourelf.
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  • "This is so pretty! And it smells so nice!"


    "Nice, light, more durable than these plastic headsets, not mentioning cardboard ones"

    - Michał

    "Wow! Awesome!"

    Kasia (during VR rollercoaster ride)

    "That was a great birthday gift to my dad"


  • You + Wooddy = awesome

    Just mention what kind of organization you are working in and we will tell you

    how VR can improve your position!

  • Share VR experience with our headsets and traditional smartphones

    Use virtual reality for any purpose

  • Virtual Reality for Business


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